Perfecting your website could be difficult because you have to adjust your code a lot to make your sites run faster. However, you are able to enhance your website’s performance, while not having to adjust anything in the backend. Through the help of the Site Accelerator Programs, built–into the Online Control Panel, you can make your web–sites load and function better than before. This will not only benefit your users (everyone likes the web site they are visiting to load rapidly), but will even help your web site rank higher in search engines.

Dealing with the Site Accelerator Programs is actually painless. Merely log into your Online Control Panel to find out how each website accelerator program functions.


RAM–saving as an alternative to data base calls

In case you have a lively database–powered website or application, it may well have problems loading rapidly for the website visitors because of the numerous calls sent to the database. To help you address the page running difficulty, we have provided the Memcached platform inside the Online Control Panel.

Memcached is known as a potent distributed memory object caching platform, which collects data and objects in the server’s RAM to avoid the database from getting queried every time a visitor loads a particular web page. In this way, your web site pages will start faster for site visitors and definately will raise the chance for them to return.

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RAM–saving rather than HTTP queries

Utilizing the Varnish web accelerator integrated into the Online Control Panel, you can make your web site pages come up a lot faster for your site visitors. All adjustments are performed via a convenient interface, with no need to produce any kind of immediate corrections to the back–end code of your website.

Varnish is definitely an HTTP acceleration tool that can help all web pages work much faster by saving them within the server’s RAM. That way, after a web page has been opened by a visitor in the past, it does not need to be sent from the hosting server anymore, which lessens loading times and then hastens your webpages. It’s been tested that Varnish typically speeds up website loading times with a 300 – 1000x factor.

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Meant for developing quick as well as scalable applications

Web programmers may use Node.js for the purpose of building different high–quality and cost–effective tools including market stats, real time applications and CMS, to name just a few. It’s quick and flexible and is also backed up by an active online community that is regularly promoting and supporting it.

Node.js is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally uses an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that renders the API adaptable and upgradeable. This groundbreaking method helps developers to quickly build up high end web apps using only just one language.

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